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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Your patient’s story doesn’t have to be captured at your workstation. It can begin in the examination room, get amended in the cafeteria, and finished in the hall. No matter which device you use, every word is faithfully recorded and updated instantly in the EHR.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

 For organizations of all sizes that want to embrace the cloud.

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Enhance clinical documentation with state-of-the-art technology

The  TA+ Bundle includes 3 separate software items to efficiently detail patient encounters

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition | Mobile+ | Speak-EZ+ 

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Landline functionality. Mobile convenience.

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Simple Transcription Solutions

2045532585 provides comprehensive transcription outsourcing utilizing 100% US labor with remarkable quality and the Arrendale TA+ technology platform. Give your providers the flexibility to document quickly and efficiently with traditional dictation or Speak-EZ+ turbocharged Dragon. Providers have the option to choose front-end speech recognition for the majority of their work, but may switch to traditional dictation with a single click of the ‘Send to Transcription’ button for more complex cases and hectic schedules. Trust your documentation to A+Network for impressive turnaround times and proven accuracy. Call 888.880.4359 to discuss your enterprise’s goals.

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